My style of learning is to dive into whatever interesting things I’ve recently encountered and explore them for a month or so until the next interesting thing appears to distract my attention. I’m often easily nerd sniped, in other words. The topics I’m drawn to tend to be in mathematical logic, physics, epistemology, decision theory, and philosophy more generally, so if that’s not your jam then this might not be the right place for you!

I’m also a very social learner. I often think that I learn best by constantly teaching others what I’m currently learning. Hence the blog! This is a place for me to record and share what I’ve recently been learning and thinking about. I welcome thoughtful comments/criticisms/discussion.

Given my style of learning, you might find large clusters of posts all on very closely related topics. If one such string is uninteresting to you, just go back further and you’ll likely find something very different that may interest you more.

As a final disclaimer, I am often writing about things that I am not an expert in. Many times I look back on what I said a few months ago and think that I was just plain WRONG! So don’t take what I say too seriously. (Just the right amount of seriousness.) Part of what I’m doing here is learning publicly. Please point out if I make mistakes. And enjoy!