The Pictorial Mathematics of Klak-Adbmal

In the distant land of Klak-Adbmal, cut off from the rest of civilization, mathematicians have developed their own distinctive form of math. It is entirely pictorial; every mathematical concept is translated as a diagram consisting of criss-crossing horizontal and vertical lines, and calculations are manipulations of these diagrams.

Translators have so far been able to figure out the symbols for a few basic mathematical concepts, but there are many remaining gaps in our ability to translate Klak-Adbmalist mathematics. This image shows the symbols we’ve figured out so far, as well as a step-by-step calculation of the successor of 1 equaling 2.

The Klak-Adbmalians are very secretive and slow to give up their secrets. Can you figure out the answers to the two questions above on the right?

It’s worth noting that just as there are multiple ways that ordinary mathematicians can write a given number (2 ⋅ 5 = 8 + 2 = 10),  there are many different pictures for any given concept. If you need more assistance, you can take a look at this recently discovered drawing of a Klak-Adbmalian calculation proving that True Or False is True.

And one final hint: Recently we’ve received verification that the following two calculations are aways valid, no matter what Klak-Adbmalist pictures replace the red and green boxes:

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